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Welcome to the 2015/16 season at the Staines Video Makers. We're pleased you decided to visit our site today and hope you find its content of interest.

If you are interested in getting more out of your camcorder and video making then do come along to one or two of our meetings, meet our friendly members and see how we can help you before you decide to join. You can use this link to find out more about joining! Details of the 2015/16 season events can be found our SVM Facebook page.

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We're a long established and thriving amateur movies club.Our aim is to encourage our members to exchange their experiences and knowledge and progressively improve their movie making. Full details of the Society, its meetings and activities etc., and a video of a filming workshop can be seen on our About Us page.

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From 2015 our members post information of their latest activities, together with current event comments on our SVM Facebook page. Find us on Facebook

Facebook is where we you will find our latest information, comments and immediate feedback. Only special items of information concerning recent events will be posted below.

Saturday 29t November 2014

Documentary Competition

This year we had three very different entries for the Documentary competition. Graham Large won with some excellent shots of deer in rut in Bushey and Richmond parks. As usual Grahams sequences were well edited and linked together by a smooth and informative narrative. Well done Graham. The scores for all three entries can be found by clicking this link to our competitions results page.

Friday 21st November 2014

Practical Lighting Workshop

Today we explored how we might light a scene in practice. We were guided by videos describing the lighting setup for Film Noir videos. Using a variety of hard and soft lights, and a couple of Barrie's LED light panels we were able to explore how to light a scene involving a card player. Output from the camcorder was straight to the screen so we could all see what was going on.

Lighting workshop
Lighting workshop
This enabled the audience to provide live feedbak on the sucess or otherwise of our lighting setup. We encountered the usual problems of light spill illuminating the background where it was not wanted, the problems of moving large lights around and the need for space, and the value of the LEDs in testing light positions without moving the main lights. On the whole we were quite successful with film noir lighting, but less successful when it came to using softer lighting. All great fun, but we clearly need more practice!

Friday 14th November 2014

1 and 4 Minute Competitions

This year the competitions were well subscribed. We had 4 entries for the one minute competition and 7 for the 4 minute competition. Geoff Rippingale won the 1 min competition with his video "Images of Edinburgh", and our chairman, Tim Stannard was the runaway winner of the 4 minute competition with his musical video "Tut-Tut" based on the finding of Tutankamen's tomb by Howard Carter, written by his wife Martine, and performed by his daughter Elise and her friends. Well done Geoff and the Stannards. The scores for individual entries can be found by clicking this link to our competitions results page.

Friday 7th November 2014

Geoff Harmer

At last Geoff Harmer, a well known part time independent film maker, was able to give us his talk on some of the videos he has been producing illustrated by "Addict" and "Karen's Room", and his light sabre sequences in tribute to Star Wars - all expertly done and highly enjoyable. He talked about how to make amateur films with low/zero budget actors and other professional and suggested which video festivals might be interested in showing amateur work.

He kindly provide some useful links to web sites for finding low/zero budget actors, crew and festivals he mentioned in his talk. All very useful for members who wanted to raise their game.

You can catch up with Geoff at Fraught productions.

Thursday 23th October 2014

Useful links for Film Makers

There are a number of useful links for Film makers on the web. Here are two samples:-

Online Film School, Learn Filmmaking for Free

Mise en scene analysis

For those of you with the Panasonic HC-X920 here's a useful tutorial on setting the camcorder up for the best results. Enjoy!

Thursday 9th October 2014

Guest Speaker: Geoff Harmer - a short delay

Geoff Harmer has been in contact to say he cannot do the 31st October. Fortunately, we have been able to swap two evenings so that on 31st October will now show the BIAFF selection, and on November 7th will welcome Geoff Harmer.

Tue 19th August 2014

SVM's 2014/5 season starts 2 weeks on Friday

The first meeting of our 2014/15 season starts (7.30pm for 8.00pm) on Friday Sept 5th at the Laleham Village Hall. All are welcome. Come along and meet our members. Find out what's going on and how we can help your video making activities.

Sunday 17th August 2014

Vic's move to Medstead

Medstead: Vic's new garden
Medstead: Vic's new garden
Cecelia and I have been here nine weeks now and it is a lovely relaxed lifestyle down here. We have made friends with a few neighbours who welcomed us here and I have joined Surrey Borders Video Makers a week ago. The Chairman/Vice Chairman both live in my village so we can car share each month as it is 14 miles to Farnham unlike Staines which was 1 mile away?!
Medstead: Vic's new home
Medstead: Vic's new home
Our regards to everyone for SVM's new season in September.

Thanks to Vic Stroud for preparing this article and providing the photos.

Friday 16th May 2014

Presentation to Vic

Tim presents the first SVM mug ever to Vic
Tim and Vic
After many years with the SVM, Vic and Cecilia are, for family reasons, moving to Hampshire. We will miss his cheerful face and his inimitable jokes. We would also like to offer many thanks for the work he has done on behalf of the club over a number of years. In recognition of which Tim presented him with the very first SVM mug at the beginning of this evening's meeting.

All our best wishes to you both and much happiness in your new location, and hope you will return to see us when you have settled in.

The Secret Guest Speaker

Tme presents the second SVM mug ever to Jeremy
Tim and Jeremy
Our secret guest speaker today was Jeremy Holder, our previous chairman. He put on a very entertaining program. Two documentaries Jeremy co-produced at Southampton, introducing us to Romsey and Fly Fishing on the Test, were particularly memorable. The program included some well loved comedy sketches, "The Drunk Man", and "The Drill" by Bob Lorrimer. Well done Jeremy, good to see you back!

Friday 16th May 2014

NTRIAC 4 x 4 Competition Final

The final round of the 4 x 4 competition will be run next Sunday at Laleham Village Hall. This is the new competition that has replaced the Triangle. Doors open at 2.00pm, programme start 2.30pm. Entry fee £5.00 including good food!

Come and join us at Laleham Village Hall TW18 1RZ. Click here for directions.

The competitor clubs are SVM (us), West London (Ealing), South Essex, Hemel Hempstead. Come and support your club!!

Friday 12th April 2014

NTRIAC 4x4 Competition Semi-Final

The 4x4 Semi-Final will be held on Friday 25th April at 7.30pm at:-

							Bourne End Community Centre,
							Wakeman Road,
							Bourne End,
							Bucks SL8 5SX 

You can find the location  here

Please click  here for details of the location, and  here for the list of films being shown. Please let Tim know if you intend going so we can let the hosts know numbers.

Friday 21st March 2014

NTRIAC 4x4 competition

Graham, Tim and Geoff enjoy a break
Graham, Tim and Geoff enjoy a break
A number of members went to Hemel Hepstead on 19th March for the first round of the NTRIAC 4x4 competition against the Hemel Hempstead and Enfield. Each club was tasked with the production of a 25min programme selected from members videos shot during the last 18 months.
Alan Colegrave
Judge Alan Colegrave comments on our programmes
Judge Alan Colegrave provided many insightful comments on the key videos in each programme and ultimately pronounced Hemel to be the winner, with Staines as runners up. Both teams go through to the next round.

Many congratulations to Hemel and commiserations to Enfield for not getting through to the next round.

Thanks to Vic Stroud for providing the photos for this article.

Friday 21st Feb 2014

Quadcopter video camera - an alien perspective

Dave Simpson
Ready for takeoff!!
Dave Simpson talked about his 7 year project about Warminster in Somerset and UFO'S that supposedly been sighted over last 60 years or and included people sharing film of their various experiences. The main part of his talk was the use of his HD camera mounted on his quadcopter on the Somerset levels and on MOD property.

Thanks to Vic Stroud for preparing this article and providing the photos.

Fri 13th Dec 2013

SVM Christmas Party

2013 Christmas Party
That was good!!
We all enjoyed the turkey/beef/salmon main course, the lovely brandy sauce with the Christmas pudding, and nice pear tart and chocolate torte. All great value for money and the staff provided excellent service througout. The slideshow for this event is now available in the SVM Video Archive.

Thanks to Vic Stroud for preparing this article and providing the photos.

Thurs 4th Dec 2013

Show for Landsdown Ladies Club

Waiting for the show
Barrie Wright and Vic Stroud gave a one hour show based on last years Public Show to the above group and it was well received and earned SVM £50.00.

Thanks to Vic for preparing this article and photo.

Wed 27th Nov 2013

SVM win four awards at NTRIAC Movie Festival

Seven members from Staines Video makers made the trip to Pinner village Hall on November 24th for the annual North Thames Region IAC Movie Festival. SVM was well represented in the programme of 28 films with "Summer 2012", by Richard Broughton opening, alongside four other films which won awards: Geoff Rippingales "The Shard" was commended, The Elstree Group’s "Value for Money" was highly commended and Bert Lee/Joe Phillips "Close Encounters of the Animal Kind" was very highly commended. But the best was saved until last. Joe Phillips’ documentary about wildlife in the Peak District National Park with its stunning shots and poignant commentary won first prize overall, beating Michael Slowe's excellent "Oui Chef" and John Astin's nearly as excellent "Olympic London" which took second and third places respectively.

Geoff receives the award for "The Shard"
Barrie receives the award for The Elstree Group
Bert receives the award for "Close Encounters of the Animal Kind"
Joe wins the overall prize

Fri 1st Nov 2013

Making a Drama

Tim and Graham have, for last 3 years been working on a script titled "THE CLOUD" with involvement of Geoff Rippingale and Barrie Wright who provided acting and technical assistance respectively. They each talked about the making this project. Casting amateur theatre actors was one major problem and getting them into the part without causing disagreements! Lots of different camera angles/shots and many takes of one particular scene were needed. We saw the finished product which lasts 14 minutes, a worthy effort by all concerned.

Thanks to our roving reporter, Vic, for preparing this article and photo.

Fri 24th May 2013

SVM AGM and Summer programme discussions

Our AGM was held on 24th May, 2013. Colin presented the Treasureer's report, Officers and committee members were elected and Tim summarised the achievements of the year and thanked all those concerned.

We discussed our summer program and focussed in particular on the visit of our next speaker, Alan Simpson, who was one of the key script writers for the TV serials "Hancock's half hour" and "Steptoe and Son".

Sun 12th May 2013

SVM wins the 2013 Triangle Trophy Competition

From our correspondant: Vic Stroud

The final of 2013 Triangle Trophy Competition took place at Wyburns School, Rayleigh, Essex on Sunday 12th May hosted by last years winners, South Essex Film Makers, who acted as good hosts with good presentation and food! Basically we won Documentary section with "Pump Pump & Away" with 8 out of 9 points - the judges loved the children! In the Open section we won with the same points as above with "The Battersea Dalmations" - the male judges loved the girls! But in the Fictional Story section we came third with "Murder in Store" which was well received but up against two strong films so we scored only 4 points. But because we had a good lead from first two sections we came home with 20 points to win from St Albans Movie Makers by 2 points, with Walthamstow A.C.C. at 16 points. Judges were Mike Lloyd, Dr.Tania Mathias, and Chris Taylor FACI. The slideshow for this event is now available in the SVM Video Archive.

Fri 3rd May 2013

SVM Annual Show

On 26th April, 2013 we held our Annual Movie Show. Our thanks go to the Mayor of Spelthorne Cllr. Robin Sider and his wife who were on hand to present this year's awards to our competition winners. As usual the refreshment team and the projection team did sterling work. Tim handled the presentations expertly and the whole evening passed off very smoothly. congratulations to all involved. The annual slideshow for this event is now available in the SVM Video Archive.

Fri 12th April 2013

NTRIAC Triangle competition: Round 2

On 6th April, some members of Staines Video Makers travelled to Colchester for the 2nd Round of the Triangle competition. The competitors were Colchester(hosts),Staines, and Lowestoft. 9 films varying in length from 3mins to 14 mins were shown. Our three entries were Murder in Store, Pump Pump and Away, and the Dalmation raft Race. Staines video makers won: Staines 23 to Colchester 19 and Lowestoft 12. A short slideshow is avalable for this event as part of the SVM Video Archive.

Sun 24th February 2013

NTRIAC Triangle competition

On Sun 24th February, Staines Video Makers hosted the first round of the NTRIAC Triangle competition. Six films were shown and Staines emerged as the winner. A short slideshow is avalable for this event as part of the SVM Video Archive.

Fri 22nd February 2013

Tales of old Heathrow

Barry Dix
Tonight Barry Dix, a local reporter who wrote a longstanding column about Heathrow and its impact on the local community gave us a fascinating talk and slidshow about Hethrow's history and that of the planes that landed there. Security was much more casual in the 1950's but a surprising number of planes featuring in the slideshow ended up crashing!

Fri 15th February 2013

The SVM Adverts competition

Tonight we ran a competition for the best 'advert' of duration less than 30secs. This is a reviaval of a competition that has not been run for some time. The winning entry, 'Blast', by Richard Broughton - with a little help from his friends - is shown above.

Fri 23rd November 2012

The SVM does Green Screen

Green screening
On 23rd November members discussed some of the theory behind “Chroma Keying” or filming a subject against a green (or other coloured) screen, so that the screen can be magically removed in post production and the subject placed into another environment. This was followed by a practical exercise and, despite, less than perfect conditions (creases in the screen, inadequate lighting) members managed to produce surprisingly good results

If you would like to see how the shots on the right were used in a video, just click this link to see the result!.

Fri 16th November 2012

Michael Slowe, Video talk

Tim congratulates Michael
Michael Slowe's visit to SVM was the success we expected. He showed a couple of shorts, "Hounds and the Huntsman" and we got to see the premiere of his film about the surviving member of The Amadeus Quartet, "The Last of the Wolfgang". An entertaining and informative evening in the companyy of friends from Orpington, Epsom, Surrey Border and Reading. Thanks Michael for a great evening.

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